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Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting Trade Show Displays

Photo credit: everythingtradeshows.com

Photo credit: everythingtradeshows.com

Because trade show display rentals can be used only for a short period of time, it is more likely often the best choice for most of the exhibitors, especially, if you want to save more money for other expenses of your business or if you don’t have enough budgets for the start of your business. In organizing a trade show display, we usually need to perform an easy way of task that are stress-free and no hassles. But we still need to remember that the most important of all is how you will apply the concept of the exhibit you want to establish.

What are the advantages that can be in favor to most of the exhibitors nowadays who preferred to lease trade show displays? How about the disadvantages?


  • You will not take any problems in transporting your displays to the venue. The rental company will take the responsibility for this project.
  • Rental suppliers usually send the displays on time and the materials you need are always complete depending to the requirements you want for your exhibit.
  • Most of the companies are running out of the budget when they are conducting a trade show. This lack of financing severely limits the options of most of the display design. So it means that you need to be wise in choosing the right design and suitable for your concept or the content of your show. You can also remove some rental components that are not needed to make your shoe fit whatever size space you have for the show.
  • Rental also gives the exhibitor a chance to try out different types exhibit custom displays.



  • You will encounter the lack of the display options or the availability of the displays. Sometimes you don’t meet your requirements you need.
  • Exhibit lease proposals are not standardized. You are not probably sure about the real amount of those rental displays.
  • Most of them are eventually expensive. Some of them are indeed cheaper but if you will consider the flexibility of limited options and hidden fees, you may think that it is not a great solution for your project.

Yes, they are very confusing, but, if you are looking for trade show display rental suppliers, Exhibitors Services Network, Inc. will be probably your right and number one choice.

To discuss the custom or semi-custom design for trade show booth display you want for your show, anytime, anywhere in the entire world, call us now at (832) 358-2002 or you can visit our website to find more interesting information you can use for your project.


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