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Significance of Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)

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Why is it important for some businesses to launch a trade show while they can still promote their projects without it? What are the significant ideas and benefits of advertising your products and services at a trade show, events and exhibitions, or OTC? Of course, it is merely important to establish them in a method that can extremely make your products, your services and most importantly your company more prominent and reliable.

Are you not familiar with OTC? What is it? Offshore Technology Conference is the largest oil and natural gas sector conference or trade show in the world. It usually ranks among the biggest 200 exhibits held yearly in the United States of America. It is composed of more than 50,000 attendees and constantly exceeds 2,000 companies participate in the said conference or trade fair.

Most of these conference projects usually provide and share the basics about oil and natural gas, safety information, and facilitating information exchange on inexpensive emission reduction technologies. Yes, one of the details they provide is the proper methods and basics of methane emission reduction. As we all know that methane emissions occur in all sectors of the natural gas industry, from production, through processing and transmission, and then lastly, to distribution. Moreover, these are generally from normal applications, maintenance, elusive leaks and system drawbacks.

It is really important to launch this kind of conference to learn more significant information about methane emissions reducing technologies. Why? Methane is a dominant greenhouse gas that is more powerful than carbon dioxide in trapping heat in the atmosphere over a 100-year period and has bad effect of human being and even to our natural resources. It can pollute but not as much as gasoline but very explosive and is not good for our health to breathe in. Although it is a crucial energy source but we must need to know more techniques about how to reduce its emissions that can greatly affect all living things in the entire world.

Exhibitors Service Network, Inc. can probably help you solve your problem in a wide range of oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, mining industry, and numerous other technology sectors. Many of those participants have been proven us, and still counting for more participants that will trust ESN to help participants and companies provide effective OTC displays no matter where you are in the world, we can still provide your needs for a successful conference you want to launch.

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Maximizing Trade Show Booth Traffic

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One of the main purposes of a trade fair is to attract attendees. How can you establish well your trade show if you don’t have any attendees to witness and to support your services or products? Of course you can never accomplish everything well if you don’t have any eye-catching trade show booth that can help you to maximize your trade show booth traffic.

How can you provide a very effective and make the most of your booth to successfully attract people? Here are the possible factors you must need to be considered to make your trade show booths attractive and responsive:

  • Most of the trade shows usually happen in some malls or in some public areas. Make sure that you will not choose a dead zone area that can make your project useless. As much as possible, choose a corner space to add more traffic although it is a little more expensive than the other area. It can extremely give you more traffic for the success of your project.
  • Don’t use any bags for your products on your booth, it is better to make your product can be easily seen by everyone to attract buyers or customers. If others can see some of the sold items in everyone’s hand, it’ll be more convincing to buy one.
  • Avoid overcrowding when you are displaying your products, remember, it is not a store. It is a trade show booth.
  • Use custom glasses or mirrors with great lighting systems that can easily attract attendees and will think your product are totally amazing and they want to try them all.
  • The price of each item on your booth must be cost effective and as much as possible you must need to have some special offers like buying two items get 1 for free or having “buy one take one” items.
  • Booth demonstration is crucial. If you let the attendees watch products being used or giving them the opportunity to try out the products themselves will increase the attractions or eagerness of many people to your products as well as with your services.

If you want these things to make your successful trade show happen, you are free to contact Exhibitors Service Network, Inc., a certified consultant for effective trade show booths in the entire region and even all over the world.

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How to Start a Trade Show?

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In any business industry, you need to consider doing a trade show to establish the products or services of your business or company. It is a factor to make your company or product to be more prominent and valuable to your audience or prospective buyers. As a beginner, it is quite scary and frustrating at the start. You may be thinking if you will turn it out successfully or if you are going to be failed. It is common to ask yourself, how do I get started? What are the ideas and techniques do I need to know before I start the first move? What kind of concept and trade show display do I need to perform? So many questions you may think of that can make you really feel so nervous and will definitely having lots of doubts.

Even though you want to hire a professional experts that will help you to be successful, you still need to learn or consider some important tips and techniques for a trade show elements and displays to increase booth sales.

Of, course at first; you need to talk to the professional exhibitors to find out what their potential marketing objectives that can help you to realize the whole content and concept of your exhibit. It will be more different from the other show if you will talk with them. Aside from the ideas and techniques, exhibitors can provide you as well the most effective trade show display you can use.

Whether you are a small business or a big one, having big aspirations are very crucial. But of course, some small business will just think that they will not experience big risk for their project. All you have to do is you must be true to your attendees about the product and service you want to establish. Customers usually like to support or having a good relationship with the product if the company will develop and build trust to its attendees. If you think you can do something for your project just do it, don’t say no if you think you can and can be useful to your exhibit, so why not? Remember that a trade show provides a great opportunity for businesses to personally advertise your service or product to large groups of people, and a chance to receive excellent exposure.

To have a better exhibit, you must contact a reliable and certified company that can provide the most effective Houston trade show displays and ideas, the Exhibitors Service Network, Inc. can greatly help you. To determine the kind of exhibit you want to meet your requirement, call us at (832) 358-2002 or visit our website for more interesting designs and techniques for your project. Starting to trust us is very easy. Just let us in to your exhibit and you will drastically ease any worries for your project. Call us now!

Trade Show Booth and Staffer


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When you are planning a trade fair, it is very impossible if you will not experience difficulties or even a serious problem. It is always been a part of it and it is normal. What are the possible reasons why some exhibitors turned their trade show to fail? Yes, of course, it is a kind of project that is very costly and risky just to establish the service or showcase of the company. But in many cases, trade show booths can never be perfect if you will not plan your target well and deliver it right into certain applications.

To make your trade show booth perfect, you also need to hire a competent and knowledgeable staff. Do you want to have a staff to be as successful as possible? Well, before the exhibit starts, make sure that you are going orient them with some important factors or techniques they must know to become your project successful.

Your staff must be alert all the time. Remember that one of the most common problems trade show is facing is about how walk-ins ignore your booth. Too many times, most of the customers will just pass by you and neglect your brands. Staff should be on a high alert. Make eye to eye contact. As a staff you must talk with the customers straight to the eyes. But make sure that you won’t let the customers get be irritated with the way you convince them.

A staffer shouldn’t sell and sell when talking with an attendee. They also need to be a good listener. They need to listen to the concerns of the customers so that if ever they have questions, it is easy for the staff to explain everything in a responsive way. On the other hand, a staff should pay attention to the booth to maintain its good and presentable display.

If you are looking for an effective booth for your trade show, don’t hesitate to contact Exhibitor Service Networks, Inc. We are one of the top leading company or supplier in the entire region that has been proven by many exhibitors by the big companies. You can ask if you want to have custom or semi-custom display and we will provide it for you. We can also provide you some tips and techniques for a successful exhibit.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting Trade Show Displays

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Because trade show display rentals can be used only for a short period of time, it is more likely often the best choice for most of the exhibitors, especially, if you want to save more money for other expenses of your business or if you don’t have enough budgets for the start of your business. In organizing a trade show display, we usually need to perform an easy way of task that are stress-free and no hassles. But we still need to remember that the most important of all is how you will apply the concept of the exhibit you want to establish.

What are the advantages that can be in favor to most of the exhibitors nowadays who preferred to lease trade show displays? How about the disadvantages?


  • You will not take any problems in transporting your displays to the venue. The rental company will take the responsibility for this project.
  • Rental suppliers usually send the displays on time and the materials you need are always complete depending to the requirements you want for your exhibit.
  • Most of the companies are running out of the budget when they are conducting a trade show. This lack of financing severely limits the options of most of the display design. So it means that you need to be wise in choosing the right design and suitable for your concept or the content of your show. You can also remove some rental components that are not needed to make your shoe fit whatever size space you have for the show.
  • Rental also gives the exhibitor a chance to try out different types exhibit custom displays.



  • You will encounter the lack of the display options or the availability of the displays. Sometimes you don’t meet your requirements you need.
  • Exhibit lease proposals are not standardized. You are not probably sure about the real amount of those rental displays.
  • Most of them are eventually expensive. Some of them are indeed cheaper but if you will consider the flexibility of limited options and hidden fees, you may think that it is not a great solution for your project.

Yes, they are very confusing, but, if you are looking for trade show display rental suppliers, Exhibitors Services Network, Inc. will be probably your right and number one choice.

To discuss the custom or semi-custom design for trade show booth display you want for your show, anytime, anywhere in the entire world, call us now at (832) 358-2002 or you can visit our website to find more interesting information you can use for your project.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Trade Show Exhibits

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In our current world, all of kinds of businesses are competitive and competent. If you have a business or operating a company and you are going to conduct a trade show exhibit for the first time, you need to consider various pointers to make your exhibit successful. There are a variety of the possible pros and cons of a trade show that can be frustrating and a little bit scary. To find the right ideas in developing your sales and marketing plans is to select the right media to send out your message. Remember, a trade show is the major part in establishing everything about your company to make your business successful.

Here are the advantages you must be considered in a trade show:

  • A message delivered to a large number of qualified interested people who get influenced and generate interest in a specific exhibited product
  • Enhancing goodwill
  • Can market more customers to support your showcase
  • Developing your corporate image
  • Making your company more prominent
  • Showing new products to a large population around your exhibit

Here are the disadvantages:

  • Frustrating and scary
  • Stressful and risky
  • Unexpected number of participants
  • Can sometimes receive negative or violent reaction
  • Confusing surrounding found in a large show

These are just some of the positive and negative aspects you may consider whenever you are organizing a trade show to establish your company’s service, products, and offers. These details can definitely help you save you time, money and a lot of frustration. Even just simple reminders can be considered a big help to everyone that will establish a trade show, especially for the first time.

If you are afraid to commit mistakes in establishing your own trade show and you want it to make successful, you must contact Exhibitors Service network, Inc. that can provide the requirements you desire for an exhibit. We can also provide custom or semi-custom designs for your trade show booth displays in the entire world that you may interested in.

To contact us, please free to call us at (832) 358 2002 or visit our website for more comprehensive information you may need. Stop frustrations! Don’t be scared! We are just right here for you to make your exhibit day perfect!


Responsive Trade Show Graphics

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Are you going to establish your trade show for the first time? Do you want to make trade show one of the most successful exhibits of the year? Well, you are definitely on the right path. If you already planned the full content and objectives of your project but you are not sure about the trade show graphics, you should take some advice from this article that probably helps you to take a step to your success.

Establishing a trade fair is definitely risky and must learn a different and unique strategy. You will be probably worked with it for months. There are some companies that are hiring for various designers before they finalize their project. How can you develop your graphic designs without any doubts to elevate it to the peak of success? There are several factors you must consider to drastically ease your worries in making a responsive graphic design to organize a successful trade show.

  • As you set out to work with your plans, you must consider the simplicity and effectiveness of the marketing message.
  • Find an attractive design or image that can be suitable for your concept and message.
  • It is more effective if you will use graphics from your products or marketing information that may help you to create a consistent branding image. It is more useful if you will take a real shot of a booth with your products.
  • Use a larger display if you want to engage more information. Make your image clearly by using the perfect format and resolution.
  • Now that you already have the clear shots, it is time to put on some lighting style that can bring your graphics more prominent and preventing it to deteriorate your work. Use LED lighting as much as possible which is highly recommended in all fields of graphing.
  • Make a perfect glow of your design by matching the colors wisely. You can find the right combination of colors based on the company logo.
  • Make sure that the text size will just fit into your designs that will not cover the graphics to outshine your images.

To make more knowledgeable in this field, or if you want an expert to assist you make out a perfect graphic, Exhibit Service Network, Inc. is one of the top leading companies in the region that can possibly bring you out a full satisfaction in you career.

To discuss your needs, please call us at (832) 358-2002 or you are free to visit us online for more inquiries by filling out our contact form.